AngkorWonder is Cambodia’s most accessible, free, local classifieds site. AngkorWonder offers a convenient, fun, and easy way for people in the same city to buy, sell, trade and help each other among many activities unlimitingly such as friends, classes, goods, cars, services, housing and jobs.

Terms and Privacy


Terms and Privacy


I. Concepts


First AngkorWonder.Com (hereinafter "AngkorWonder.Com) is a Community Portal Advertising and Social Network Sharing.


Second Operator (the "Operator") is the authorized operator and administrator AngkorWonder.Com.


Third Terms and Privacy (the "Terms") contain binding rules and terms of use of services provided by the Operator.


Fourth User (the "User") is a natural or legal person using AngkorWonder.Com service in accordance with these Terms.



II. rights and obligations of the User



The first : to use the services AngkorWonder.Com, User can make free registration through the registration form indicating your email address, on the head bar of right side or. alternatively use its existing registration on Facebook if applicable.


Second : Sser is aware that the voluntary disclosure of information may be used by third parties. In this case, Operator assumes no responsibility for misuse of this information.Operator allows the user to enter the AngkorWonder.Com textual and visual information.


Third : AngkorWonder.Com allows user to enter and search free classified ads or demand of goods and services relating to the categories assigned within this web juristiction.


Fourth : Free classifieds to directly buy or sell, so the user can only advertise specific goods or services.


Fifth : Embedded advertisements must be in accordance with good morals, applicable legislation and these Terms.


Sixth : Advertisements are checked regularly. Ads violating terms are deleted without notice and may also block the user.


Seventh : Advertisement is published AngkorWonder.Com for a limited time period. After this limited time, it is automatically deleted. For removal of AD before the expiry of its publication bear responsbile by the User.


Eighth : The AngkorWonder.Com prohibites to advertise:

:: repetitive advertising identical goods or services,

:: use profanities, porns, or similar characters


Ninth : Logo AngkorWonder.Com copyright and is the intellectual property of the Operator, and without permission you are forbidden to use or edit it.



III. Rights Operator



First : operator has the right to deny registration of candidates or limit its access to certain services, under the conditions specified below, particularly in the case of violation of these Terms.


Second : Operator reserves the right to relocate an ad in the appropriate category. Operator reserves the right to modify ads without informing the user.


Third : Operator has the right to remove all advertisements on suspicion they see fit, they could be in violation of any applicable laws or good morals, or could resist the legitimate interests of the Operator. User is not entitled to any compensation for such deleted ad.


Fourth : Operator reserves the right to retain data on user activity on AngkorWonder.Com that could later meet possible requests government authorities in their message.


Fifth : operator is entitled to services AngkorWonder.Com modify or upgrade without the consent of the users or their notice.


Sixth : operator is entitled at any time to change the provisions of the Terms. Changing the Terms and Privacy is valid and effective immediately upon posting on the website AngkorWonder.Com. The user is obliged to regularly acquainting with changing Terms.



IV. Liability of the Operator



First : operator only provides contact between the seller and is not responsible for fulfillment of contracts or other agreements between the parties.


Second : operator is not responsible for the content of ads for misuse of personal data. User listed in the advertisement or misuse of personal data obtained illegally encroaching on the site by a third party.


Third : operator is not liable for the activities of users on the AngkorWonder.Com services nor  for the way in which AngkorWonder.Com use. In addition, Operator assumes no responsibility for any misuse of AngkorWonder.Com user or third parties.


Fourth : operator is not liable for damages which the User or third parties directly, indirectly or incidentally occurred of or in connection with the services of AngkorWonder.Com.


Fifth : operator is not liable for damages which users or third parties as a result of the inability to use services AngkorWonder.Com provided or in direct or indirect connection with this fact.



V. Personal Data



First : personal data shall be governed by Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data as amended.


Second : user agrees to the collection and processing of personal data by the Administrator. Operator agrees that the obtained user's personal data will keep confident to any third parties. However, the operator is entitled to disclose user information AngkorWonder.Com if it is necessary for the observance of the law or by judicial or administrative proceedings brought against him or operator.


Third : user agrees to use anonymous registration and statistical data for further development and improvement of services.



VI. Final Provisions



First : operator declares that the management services of AngkorWonder.Com will unleash maximum effort and professional care to minimize any potential risks that the proper use of services could occur to AngkorWonder.Com's users or third parties.


Second : AngkorWonder.Com solemnly confirms this consent to the current version of the Terms.


Third Terms come into effect on 01 January 2013